Bmw turbo coolant line leak

that was from bmw specialist (yes i know bmw) They said up to me but just keep topping coolant up see if get worse. Do not install a new turbocharger due to an oil leak. There should be at least 1 inch of clearance around the turbocharger and any structural member of the car. When the coolant is heated up, it will produce white smoke. Now with that being said, when I drive my Cruze hard on a hot day and turn it off, I can hear the coolant boiling in the coolant feed to the turbo and the bubbles bubbling up to the cooland tank. Frequent maintenance. MINI Factory replacement Coolant Line from Turbocharger to the main Water Pump. 63500 mi US $950: Valve cover gasket leaking oil. Look for coolant on the ground. . As some of you may know there is a coolant line that is in the valley of the motor that comes from the drivers side head and feeds to the turbo or formally called the turbo water feed tube. There are at least 4 hoses associated with the cooling system  This pipe is the coolant vent line, which connects at the back of the engine to a hose. I filled up the coolant and then yesterday I got the car up to about 230*(NOT GOOD). Code indicated thermostat heating line had shorted. 3. 30 Oct 2019 2009 BMW 535i N54 coolat leak at Turbos after repair and important info at the 2009 BMW 535i N54 E60 coolant leak on Turbo lines repair  4 Feb 2019 n20 Turbo coolant line leak Mechanical Maintenance and TSBs: Break-in / Oil & Fluids / Servicing / TSBs and Service Bulletin. 7. Q I have a 2002 Olds Alero with the V6 engine. You ought to be able to run a system like this for years without topping it up. does turbo come off to find other - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Coolant Hose product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Bavarian Autosport will have the Bentley manuals as well as any repair parts that may be needed, to include; radiator, hoses, gaskets, head gasket sets, coolant, expansion tanks and caps, etc. Turbo Coolant Line Kit . The whole job will cost you less than 20$. Pelican Parts Forums > Porsche Forums > Porsche 944 Turbo and Turbo S: Likely cause of coolant leak? Then I noticed my resevoir was over the max line and put 2+2 Like all pioneering, however, they were not without some early problems as Porsche adopted a V8 platform to power the larger Cayenne. Also to much piston blow by. You can now specify custom line lengths and hose ends for your coolant or oil line and have them shipped the next day. See all problems of the 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo . The BMW weep hole is located next to the water pump. " Iv seen aftermarket shops work on BMW's twin turbo v8s, and 8/10 they screw everything up  my car has just 76000 miles its so bad have such problem in BMW !! MiniNL , 09- 05-2016 07:06 PM. YouTube BMW 5- series turbo coolant leak - 17-hour book they will stand in line to purchase new/used models from the same manufacturers when the time comes for a This can leak, letting coolant into the exhaust system as steam. There are few brands for the correct BMW coolant. When the stock oil line fails oil goes everywhere and usually causes the turbo to fail due to lack of oil. When it comes to your BMW 550i, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. This will be noticed by the driver by observing the temperature gauge or when the engine temperature light comes on. 0L 4 Cyl. I have to pay for coolant. The bottom line: As long as the coolant leak is The best part is, our BMW X3 Coolant Hose products start from as little as $16. Ordered a new tank and replaced it. 4. At Atlantic Motorcar, we do this each time your car is in, as part of our normal service process. 2009 Mini Cooper Oil Filter Housing Leak A common leak on the 2nd Generation of Minis that use the N12 and N14 engines is at the oil filter housing. 0 110k miles Blocking the old turbo oil and coolant feeder lines shouldn’t cause any damage to the engine. Fairly certain I've found it on a metal pipe which attaches to the right hand side of the engine at that point. Be sure the turbocharger has a properly sized oil feed line. Coolant warning light came on the wife's F20 116i today so had a look for the leak. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Your BMW radiator was designed to work with this kind of coolant, not the junky "universal" green stuff they sell at Big Bubba's Auto Parts. The average cost for a BMW 750Li engine oil cooler line replacement is between $1,090 and $1,305. Feb 25, 2018 · I had the same issue on my F20 116i, Cost me too much to fix for a £30 part. is a leading manufacturer of tube and hose line systems for the automotive industry as well as for commercial vehicles, construction, and agricultural applications. Check the coolant level and add as necessary. We filled the coolant, and the warning on the dashboard went away. What are common causes of oil leaks in 2012 BMW X5 3. Next you should check crank case pressure. Jun 17, 2018 · If a leak is detected in the oil supply or return tubes or connections, locate and rectify the source. Booker T. BMW Wants about 400$ for all the lines but it seems like the only parts that leak are between the rubber hose and the metal line. When a radiator ages it can cause one of its plastic tanks to crack which will allow antifreeze to leak out. I had a mysterious coolant leak before, no puddles and the underside was dry. Nov 07, 2018 · BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2013-2018 BMW vehicles equipped with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) module with an integrated cooler, due to a potential leak. Hard to describe! Coolant leaks. Car engines create a great deal of energy by burning petrol or diesel. You may smell coolant in the cabin. Oct 02, 2014 · Tweet. Oil leak returned in about a 4. And 15K miles later, it leaks again. Mechanic says it's coming out of the driver's side turbo. If there is a boost leak, you will feel a sudden loss of power during acceleration. 25 Feb 2018 In this video, I'll share BMW Coolant Leak FAILURES! If you need BMW OE Coolant http://amzn. 4L, BMW F13 M6 S63 4. From my experience if the turbo coolant lines are in they are IN and not going anywhere. When it comes to your BMW X3, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Should only cost you the $50 deductible. When your BMW requires a new replacement Turbo Coolant Hose, there's no need to waste time looking anywhere other than the authority, Car Parts Discount. 0 l 1 Answer. I've traced the leak to one of the coolant lines at the bottom of the turbo. You will most likely damage the lines prying them out of the turbo, because they are soft  19 Jan 2017 Here are 5 signals that a BMW water pump failure may be imminent. Dec 30, 2019 · Correctly diagnosing Audi VW coolant leaks discovered shortly after performing timing belt replacement service. Labor costs are estimated between $818 and $1033 while parts are priced at $272. 11537558900KT - Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Line Kit Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Line Kit Includes turbo coolant lines and 1 liter of coolant to make sure your turbos are getting the needed amount of cooling. Depending on which turbo line  E60 Discussion - coolant leak from turbo area 535xi - Hey guys, Is it against BMW 'regulation' to add highlighter florescence to the system for a UV test? Closer look at the turbo coolant lines and they're all o-ring seals. I had the vehicle transported home and then to a repair shop where they identified the problem as a coolant line that became separated from the engine block. so all the hoses had to be replaced just to fix a small coolant leak AGA Tools & Products features custom made coolant pipes, valve stem replacement tools, as well as other kits, and tools to make once costly repairs cost and time efficient. Replaced water pump and thermostat as preventative along with radiator. If no coolant reaches the ground, you could have an internal leak. i was wondering if any one has seen this problem? also the botton of the lifter valley is wet also and it appears to be coolant. Open the hood and check for any noticeable coolant leaks. Watch this free video to see how to fix minor coolant (antifreeze) leaks in a 2014 BMW 320i 2. N63 Coolant Line Leak Fix 2010 2011 BMW 5 Series Forum F10 BMW 5-Series Theres a guy on here that rerouted it to the outside of the turbo coolant reservoir. Take it to a different Bmw dealer than the one that's trying to charge you $3,000 for coolant line which is insane should be only a couple hundred at the most. I have no idea how can a turbo leak there. You may notice your temperature gauge reading higher than usual, your heater may stop working, or you also notice steam under your hood. The oil return line size needs to be a minimum of a -10AN or 5/8 of an inch inside diameter or larger. 6. The coolant level drops quite quickly in the tank (about 1 cm/1-1. 4l turbo which is the same engine as the Cruze and the turbo coolant line leaks in behind the turbo and is very hard to diagnose because it burns most of the coolant away as it leaks. Here’s what you really need to know about catch cans and how to stop blow-by from ruining your engine. It is situated just under the front part of the turbo, where they air intake goes into the turbo. klowny1969 431,945 views Nov 07, 2018 · On September 5, 2018, BMW met with NHTSA to explain EGR system differences between vehicles in the U. You have a leak, but where? BMWs have multiple components in their cooling systems and any of them could cause a leak, however the most common of coolant leaks are caused by a failed Coolant Temp Sensor located (in most cases) in the lower radiator hose May 19, 2010 · Coolant leaks: When to fix it or just live with it. It was a loose bolt on the OCH causing oil to leak into the coolant. 92 New Listing Genuine BMW Engine Coolant Hose 11-53-7 Most BMW 550, 650, 750 i engines did or will develop a common coolant leak which perhaps resembles a funny slightly stinky smell in the cabin, in turn could escalate to an electrical burning smell over time. But seriously, there is a rubber coolant line that runs from the bottom of the coolant tank to the hard coolant pipe in front of the engine as you well know. If there is coolant on the outside of the water pump there is a chance one of the seals in the water pump is the source. I put to much oil in my 2012 vw turbo but had some removed, the oil pressure rose to 220 . If you suspect a head gasket leak, you need to test cylinder sealing via a leak down test. A few weeks back I noticed my coolant has dropped about an inch below the min line. I've had my car since June 14, put on about 40k km since then. S. Feb 05, 2007 · For our test we rounded up four of the most popular cooling additive products on the market: Red Line Water Wetter, DEI Radiator Relief, Hy-per Lube Super Coolant, and Justice Brothers Radiator The vehicle in question arrived with a coolant leak, which resulted in an overheating episode, from what turned out to be a ruptured coolant expansion tank. 11538663517 - Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Return Line - N20 F22/23 F3X F10 F25/26 F15/16 Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Return Line - N20 F22/23 F3X F10 F25/26 F15/16 Replace your leaking coolant pipe to prevent further leaks and potentially catastrophic failure. Located in Madston, UK, Coline UK Ltd. Fits Clubman R55, Hardtop R56, Convertible R57, Coupe R58 and Roadster R59 MINI Cooper S models. As far back as the E30, clogged radiators and blown coolant hoses were common. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the 1st picture show the coolant at max level? or is the top line the real max Also no leak detectable on the floor (I have a large plastic vinyl catch pan on the floor). Is it true we might be able to fix by replacing coolant line? Or am I looking at a whole new left side turbo? Mechanic's Assistant: How old are the hoses? And have you tested the actual mix of your coolant? I bought new in Dec 2014. The two lines are subjected to very intense heat and deteriorate very quickly and can become a weak link in your coolant system. BMW oil leaks from the engine area are a common problem that we see at DJ Foreign Auto Care. Designed for the well-heeled driving enthusiast, the company said, their sleek convertibles and sedans are sporty and A buick encore coolant leak diagnosis costs between 44 and 56 on average. 11 Oct 2012, 19:21 UTC · by Mihnea Radu. How can I tell if I have a coolant leak? When you have a BMW coolant leak you will notice a distinct sweet smell that wasn't there before. If you notice a coolant leak, it should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid damage to your engine. This is the latest updated design from BMW and incorporates a check valve so oil cannot leak back through the line. Free shipping. I had a oil leak last month and smelt antifreeze which is why I took it in thinking it was that was oil pan gasket and plug . Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. In a bulletin sent to BMW dealers, the company announces its intention to voluntarily recall certain 2012-2014 model year equipped with the N20 or The best part is, our BMW 550i Coolant Hose products start from as little as $28. Especially if a car is a newer model, most people just assume everything’s OK, or that a light will show up on the dashb The AD Engineering BMW N54 Single Turbo Kit is now available for purchase. Service advisor indicated there is a recall for this part. Check Engine Light The average cost for a BMW 535i coolant leak diagnosis is between $44 and $56. Now I am not quite sure if BMW just expects the engine to explode before 100,000 miles so they consider it a lifetime fluid. First time working on a bmw my daughter drops off the car has coolant draining off the bottom body cover don’t see anything obvious up top, tank, return line etc, Any other common places on these engines with the turbos before I start removing all the plastic? Thank you Craig _____ _____ Find Genuine BMW Turbocharger Coolant Line BM-11537577014 at discount prices in our extensive BMW auto parts catalog. Took a couple of phone calls, but they're covering labor and the one leaking hose (bank 1 feed line). Dec 11, 2017 · This upgraded turbo oil line replaces the MINI stock oil line that is prone to fail at the connection where it enters the top of the turbo. Check engine light came on. Attached to this high flowing manifold is a Tial MVR 44mm wastegate and Precision T4 CEA billet compressor turbocharger with a ceramic coated turbine housing for both heat hello my 2006 powerstroke has just began to leak coolant, it appears its leaking externally from the driver side cylinder head at the rear of the engine. 4L. I'll have to arrange a service visit, again, where I am told they can't find the leak. There will be an orange o ring once you pop it off. 2013 Ford F-150 « replace left turbo (1 reports) replace line ford does not make replacement o rings. The Blow-by Trifecta: Sludge, Carbon Buildup, and Knock Coolant, which is commonly called antifreeze, is a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water, usually in a 50/50 ratio. My car has 202000 miles. Personally, I blame the overuse of plastic materials in the engine compartment. WILLIAMS October 31, 2015 at 3:58 am. Mar 16, 2012 · We own a 2015 Chevy Trax with the 1. , If Ordered Now, Ships in 1 Business Day 100% guarantee. Here is the diagram of this line: What I noted is that one of  28 Sep 2015 However, getting to the root of the leak may be harder to determine. After confirming the coolant leak, you need to find the location of leaking. This means you might have forgotten to pinch of a crank case line (if testing before the turbo at an intake pipe) or you left a line large line disconnected, or you have a huge boost leak! On my boost leak test for this write-up I had accidentally left my blow off valve disconnected when removing the intake. The weather has been colder, I now wonder if there is a seal somewhere that shrinks in cold weather and the engine is inhaling coolant from that leak until it warms up. 14 watching. All lines are built using high quality steel braided materials made to withstand high operating turbo temperatures. (I assume you took a photo from the bottom judging from the oil return line to the left). They mostly leak on the passenger side of the motor near … Continue reading BMW E46 Common Leaks Apr 15, 2018 · Yes the leak is small, can only smell it once in a while. 0-L 4 Cyl turbo) "Gasket issue, Resolved with no I installed your turbo diesel head gasket kit in my Chevrolet 2500 diesel engine because I had coolant leaking into the cylinders. So I put the car up on jack stands, took off the wheel, cleaned up the oil (which got all over the suspension, wheel and the under panels, nothing much looking down into the engine). Leak on the overflow coolant tank. While you are accelerating, the turbo is giving a boost to the engine, motivating it to perform faster and better. Since then it has dipped below the max line. Includes turbo coolant lines and 1 liter of coolant to make sure your turbos are getting the needed amount of cooling BMW E92 335i N54 3 BMW will replace the oil line under the emissions warranty but when you're out of warranty or when replacing your turbo (such as with the MHI Big Turbo) a new oil line is required. 4L, BMW F10 M5 S63 4. You often discover this when your Audi has a low coolant light go off or your engine begins to overheat. leaking from the line. Just make sure the coolant leak isn’t coming from the coolant line directly above it or any higher. AutoZone offers Free In-store Pickup for BMW OE Engine Coolant. Although these problems still exist on modern automobiles the list of possible root causes has increased exponentially. Install coolant lines if applicable. may need to replace some hoses in near future. Sold individually. The stock line just has an o-ring seal crimped into place that allows lots of adjustment in both directions, but the problem is the o-ring. The Front Seal on the BMW N62 V8 Coolant Transfer Pipe can fail in as little as 40,000 miles. Either  30 Oct 2018 The driver side turbo coolant pipes are leaking. Just choose your year from the list below to find the right BMW 550i Turbo Coolant Hose for your 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 model. Here are several steps in determining the cause of the VW Audi coolant leak that should be followed before a 'defective' water pump diagnosis can be made. Topped it up to a little over the max line. Usually a mechanic will replace a water pump if it is the source of the coolant leak. Background : the warm up regulator became non-functional on the way to The Vintage this last June, which pro Turbo coolant lines leaking - HELP! Over the last couple of days I have experienced a worsening coolant leak, culminating yesterday when I had  27 Feb 2018 Here's a really quick and short video showing a simple repair to a BMW F10 M5 S63 Engine which we found had leaking Turbo Coolant Pipes. Replaced gasket kit 11 42 7 557 009 under warranty. When the engine is running, the oil is doing all of the cooling, the coolant does nothing in the turbo. Press J to jump to the feed. Nov 07, 2018 · EDIT: See post #7 below. Back in the day, common coolant leak problems included water pump and radiator leaks. Coolant Leak Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. Restart Some water pumps are made of two main sections that have a gasket between them, which can warp and leak coolant. So it seems the hoses them self break down and you just need to change them. Seam developed a leak under pressure. arrow-circle-right Just touch on the coolant. Job took less than 15 min. If the coolant is leaking out through the joining point of the engine and the manifold, then it happens only for the damaged gasket. 4L, BMW F12 M6 S63 4. 7t's are tend to leak coolant cause of the secondary aux pump, that leaks down on  Possible Coolant Leak Locations: Hoses; Thermostat; Heater core; Radiator; Head gasket. Original For BMW F1 F2 F7 F10 F12 F13 2009-2017 Turbo Charger Coolant Line Kit (Fits: BMW 550i xDrive) $293. Starting with the 2008 E60 5 Series models, BMW introduced the turbocharged N54 engine. 27. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts E60 N54 coolant N54 Turbo Install Tips • Always remove the sub frame it provides complete access to the turbochargers to get the job done right • Make sure you drain the oil and coolant before starting to remove the turbos, this will help keep the mess to a minimum, when draining the coolant remove the cap from the coolant bottle. When you notice a coolant leak , you may experience white smoke coming out the back of the car, you may see puddles beneath your car in your driveway, or you may even have Mar 20, 2018 · Although less common, a bad oil cooler can also cause coolant to contaminate engine oil, leading to engine damage. Sep 16, 2019 · Most people don’t check the fluid levels in their cars as often as they should. Had it pressure tested small loss of pressure but no leaks found, sniffer test done that was all clear. Thermostat failed open. Hoses. A week at Cooper in Croydon and they say there is still a coolant leak somewhere else. Told me not covered . Will wait till spring/summer for that repair. I saw a huge puddle of oil on the garage floor near the front passenger wheel. I got a low coolant light pop up, i checked the reservoir and it was almost empty and there was little bits of brown foam (guessing its oil). The radiator is designed to allow coolant to flow through its internal cooling tubes which will help the engine run at a normal operating range. They are pretty messy and very corroded. 99400 mi US $560: Radiator failed. Coolant leaks, if ignored, can lead to an overheated engine in your 2014 BMW 320i 2. Route 66 is covering the repair for turbo coolant hose leak. The most common cause of white smoke from the engine bay is a coolant leak that is leaking on a heated part like the exhaust manifold. The housing itself bolts to the side of the block and uses standard rubber seals for both the coolant and oil passages. Radiator Leak. Buy a 2007 BMW 335i Turbocharger Coolant Line at discount prices. The oil and coolant that would normally flow through them should simply be diverted away from that pipework to the other places in the engine where it is How to Save Money on Coolant Leak Repair. market and vehicles in other markets. New o-ring seals are included. I had the turbo replaced in October . If the coolant leaks externally, use a flashlight and follow the coolant to its source. Line Size: #6 (- May 07, 2012 · BMW V-8 coolant leak defect Last year, we had a customer come to us with a very severe coolant leak in his BMW 545i with 73K miles on it. The coolant flange located at the rear of the Audi 1. 1. How much does it cost to fix a coolant leak? Unless you have a good deal of experience with auto repairs, it's a good idea to bring your car into the mechanic to repair an antifreeze leak. However, since we need to Apr 14, 2013 · I'm trying to fix a coolant leak on my Brother in law's 98 V70 AWD turbo. 5. Just take your time and ensure that you have fully fixed the leak and any parts that the coolant may have damaged. The original outlet is made of plastic and is prone to failure. only leak at front turbo for me which makes me believe its not related to crankcase pressure. The only other passage for coolant leakage internally is through a leaking head gasket, or worse still a cracked cylinder head. Turbo. Note about price: This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more That is your coolant line going to your turbocharger. I don't know if it's the inlet or outlet line. Fits BMW 750Li, 550i, 650i, 750i, X5 xDrive50I, X6, 750Li xDrive, 550i xDrive, 750i xDrive, X6 xDrive50I & more. 11537577014 Symptoms of a Coolant Leak When your car begins to leak coolant the first indicator is the engine will start run hot and possibly overheat . I topped off the cooling system with anti-freeze, but I am wondering if I need to put more Head Gasket Fix in the system when it comes time to replace the coolant. field data including warranty claims, consumer complaints, and field reports which indicated coolant leak warnings, drivability concerns, or damage to the intake manifold. Jan 21, 2016 · A catch can is a simple solution to the problem, but there’s more to it than just throwing a cylinder and some tubes onto your engine. May 12, 2019 · 3. Bmw needed to replace two gaskets that encompass the oil filter housing" Anonymous, NY (2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i 2. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. If the pressure drops right off, that is a sign of a leak. My car has been overheating ,but it's still running just last night it acted sluggish I got home popped my hood and noticed my coolant has risen a ton opend cap and it came out of the overflow on the bottom I don't know if it's a thermastat problem or air in my coolant line or something else . Coolant Leak - Head gasket or Turbo Seal? is if there is an internal crack in the CHRA that is letting coolant leak in (HUGE PROBLEM). The cost of repairs can range drastically, depending on the cause of the problem. For 2nd generation MINI Cooper S models including R56 Hardtop R55 Clubman R57 Convertible R58 Coupe R59 Roadster R60 Countryman R61 Paceman Can I conclude the dealer added too much coolant? Because from what I've read concerning the basics: - coolant level in a cool engine should be at minimum level. 74. As it turns out, BMW’s V-8 motor design has a flaw that should ultimately cause all of the V-8 motors to need this same repair. There are really only three common causes for coolant leaks, although each type of leak has several possibilities, varying in severity. Order yours online today and pick up from the store. Coolant is now leaking from a "weep hole" in the engine of your BMW, and we are here to help. Choose top quality brands Cohline, Genuine. My car's service history shows that the turbo coolant line (s) were replaced twice (don't know if just the leaking line was replaced or both sides) - once in 9/14 and another in 3/13, 15K miles apart. Coolant Loss. The two turbo coolant lines "Had a leak on the oil filter area. Thanks! BMW cooling systems have been keeping repair technicians and enthusiasts busy for a long time. The concept is simple; due to a leak, it takes more time for a turbo to spin at maximum capacity. Recently I noticed that coolant is leaking. Intersting Fact: Coolant is used only for keeping heat out of the turbo’s bearings *after the engine is turned off*. However, BMW’s new N55 six-cylinder turbo engine that has been in use since 2010 in models like the 335i There are two short coolant lines that run from the water pump and radiator to the turbos. Some times this coolant line rubs on something or get too close to rotating objects and gets punctured. The leak will be very bright and visible. Jan 25, 2018 · I opened the hood and checked, and indeed the coolant level was about an inch below the "MIN" line. Valve Cover Gasket (VCG) leak This happens to every E46 eventually. The problem is how do you get to it to replace the hose? There's no room to get my hand in there. Mar 02, 2009 · Mines Blue! But got the same coolant leak problems. I pointed out that the hose that was leaking was only part rubber, and the rest was metal, and they agreed. check your oil on the dipstick, if it is creamy coloured then coolant is leaking into the oil. I can't find any coolant leak anywhere. You may also discover a coolant leak by seeing coolant pool up under your car. Should I do this service when it's recommended? Jun 09, 2017 · Checking your fluids can give you insight into potential issues that may occur down the line; for instance, loss of engine coolant can be indicative of more serious problems. The burning electrical smell could be your alternator being damaged by coolant leaking into it. However the spring steel hose clamps have a habit of losing tension and when the cooling system is hot and under pressure, a small amount of coolant can leak out. 0L V6 engine actually tucked the oil cooler down in the engine block where it was surrounded by coolant, and was notorious for allowing coolant to leak into the oiling system when it failed. - coolant level in an engine on temperature should be at max level. 2. Jan 05, 2018 · Common Coolant Leak Problem. A bad PCV system can make the turbo leak. r/BmwTech: A subreddit for BMW technical support. I made this mistake and had to spend most a day trying to flush that crap out when things went poorly. The BMW coolant is light blue in color. That doesn't make sense CPO will cover a turbo coolant line. usually gets brittle and breaks and causes the coolant to leak everywhere and evaporate when engine is warm. When the engine cools a vacuum forms and coolant in the expansion tank is sucked into the engine. But now I am concerned that there is a coolant leak somewhere, even though I haven't noticed any puddles under my car. The tank was replaced and the vehicle tested, but unfortunately the head gasket had been damaged by the over heating episode. In addition to holding the coolant flange in place the studs support a pair of tubing brackets, including a stand-off bracket for the turbo oil line. could it be why is oil mixing with coolant in coolant tank - 2006 bmw 320 msport So i have my 323ci bmw year 2000 we changed the crank case ventalator on it and it runs but thats BS, check the Breather line going from the expansion tank to the radiator hose from across the top of the fan shroud. Cooling system issues almost seem like the Achilles heel for BMW vehicles as they are quite common. Brand: BMW. Vauxhall Astra coolant leak I've recently discovered that the coolant fluid leaks out somewhere from my Vauxhall Astra. If you cannot achieve a good angle on the oil feed line on the turbo side without damaging the SS line, 4an female-male fittings can be found in 45* and 90*. Nov 03, 2015 · The turbo oil return line usually don’t leak because they are all steel lines,,,,check the turbos if they are leaking where the exhaust and intake part of the turbo is clamped together,,,,if that looks ok then usually the leak is under both turbos where the turbo oil line bolt into,,,,it is a metal housing that has a built in gasket which leaks oil over time,,,,and the leaks out the back of the engine by the rear main seal,,,,the only why to see this is with a bore scope ,,,,or you start Apr 29, 2016 · The SA said it was unrelated to the valve stem seal job. The following guide will shed some light upon common leaks. Servicing the coolant involves draining and/or flushing your car's cooling system and then replacing the old coolant with fresh coolant. If there is any leak you can feel some oily thing like soap or shampoo. Spend a few extra bucks and do it right the first time. The repair on this internal engine seal requires many hours of labor and can cost thousands of dollars. Oil in the Cooling System My new jeep Grand Cherokee is doing the same and I can smell it venting in the garage. 8T cylinder head is the source of several common coolant leaks. Coolant lines are leaking at connection point on top of engine. The Coolant Pipes beneath the intake manifold have a tendency to leak, as they are made from plastic on the 2003-2006 model Cayenne Turbo and Cayenne S. Nov 11, 2014 · So your low coolant (antifreeze) light came on and your coolant level is low. I will go take some more additional pictures, I have put G12 in it since I've owned it for about 5 months, who knows what the previous guy put in it I guess, I ordered all parts from audi to replace the adapters that are connected to the turbo and between the coolant lines, I will be recieving them tomorrow I was just scared because my mechanic told me if those weren't the issues and the turbo What are common causes of oil leaks in 2012 BMW X5 3. Nov 08, 2010 · I suspect your problem is a leaking temperature sending unit. Even if the stock oil line does not fail abruptly they do slowly start to leak which causes oil to Oct 11, 2012 · BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines Explained. Overview of observed oil / coolant on external surfaces of a gasoline engine turbocharger: Oil and coolant may be observed on the external surfaces of turbochargers. Now at 37K miles the water pump has gone. This kit starts with a ceramic coated sch10 stainless steel 6-2-1 tubular bottom mount manifold with T4 turbo flange and 44mm wastegate outlet. Once they got into it, they found the oil filter housing gasket was leaking coolant and a little oil as well. This gives the moving parts of the water pump some lubrication that straight water will not. It appears to have stopped the leak. Loss of Power. Inspect it, and replace as necessary. Turned out the coolant line to the oil cooler behind the oil filter didn't have enough clamping force and was leaking under pressure. I filled it up with distilled water and bmw coolant ( Truck leaks oil right under the turbo you can see a small puddle, replaced turbo drain o-ring and still leaking the mechanic I use works at ford is acting like he's stumped only leaks down the back of the motor while the truck is running and for a couple mins after it shuts off any suggestions here? 05 6. Watch. I just bought this vehicle and it 96 K miles and i was surprised to see the oil leaks on my driveway. Evening all, I’ve got the usual baked and leaking rubber hose coolant lines feeding the turbo’s on my MY2012 M5. If you need further assistance with your cooling system leak, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you. Jan 05, 2017 · Leaking coolant from upper coolant line to turbo in 2013 328xi. Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type Dec 20, 2014 · 42 thoughts on “ What Causes a Turbo To Blow, Leak, or Burn Oil? Find Out HERE! ” Dr. Turbo oil line replaced. Identifying the Coolant Leak. Made of plastic, it bolts to the head with two threaded studs. There is a feed line bringing oil into the turbo A new BMW recall is coming in the near future. Exhaust manifold gasket. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. This will let the turbo cool down a little before turning it off. What is Engine Coolant / Antifreeze This guide explains ‘What is engine coolant / antifreeze, what it does, why you should use it, what type of antifreeze / coolant to use and where to put it’. BMW does not clearly state a coolant change interval for the BMW N20 as they claim the coolant is a “lifetime” fluid. Have a qualified BMW or Mini Cooper service facility inspect your BMW or Mini turbo every 6 months. I've only had to top coolant up once with about a half a quart of coolant Have a leaky turbo oil feed line? Then the Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Kit is in stock, and ready to ship! This kit fixes the current stock oil line leak that happens when the line gets too hot too many times. Oct 26, 2010 · BMW introduced its new line of turbo vehicles four years ago to much fanfare. If you can find the source of the leak yourself, then this is the kind of fix that you can do at home and save yourself some money. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $56. Buy BMW Genuine Turbo Cooling System Water Hoses Coolant Hose 650i 650iX 550i 550iX 550i 550iX 550i 550iX 550i 550iX 650i 650iX 650i 650iX Ghost Ghost EWB Wraith: Radiator - Amazon. AutohausAZ offers a large selection of Genuine BMW parts online. Common coolant leak, catastrophic failure, had to pull over and have vehicle towed, vehicles was pouring coolant out. So, first the happy, then the sad, then the tentatively solved I was very please with myself in getting the last two plenums back on and inching closer to getting the tii running again. If you need to add coolant due to the leak it is blue BMW coolant that is used to in the hoses, or if the water pump isn't working properly itself, coolant . 0 l. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Original For BMW F1 F2 F7 F10 F12 F13 2009-2017 Turbo Charger Coolant Line Kit (Fits: 2011 BMW 750Li) $295. Aug 26, 2013 · The Bentley repair manual for your given BMW or MINI will assist in diagnosing a cooling system leak as well as guiding the repairs. Mar 18, 2017 · If you cannot find the leak, you can put a coolant dye in the cooling system and drive the vehicle around and then check for a leak with a black light and yellow glasses. The cost to repair a coolant leak can vary depending on what exactly is leaking and where it is leaking from. GM’s L81 3. If BMW coolant too low warning light comes on and then turns off the level may have dropped slightly. Connecting coolant lines to the S2000 engine can be tricky, there are 3 ways to do this. Is it a DIY fix? Does anybody know of a page with some instructions? Or is it simple case of pull them off, replace, top up coolant and we This Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Line Repair Kit (Mfg#11538092360) fits BMW F06 M6 Gran Coupe S63 4. Turbo Coolant Feed Line O-Ring - WHT 006 114 - 7435 - Engine/Gasket & Seals - OEM VW / Audi - USP Motorsports is a leader in auto parts for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi & Porsche. Finally became apparent when it popped off even more and sprayed the undercarrage with coolant. You may notice that coolant has collected on the ground under your car or that your reservoir tank is not as high as it should be. Your car may have a hole in a radiator hose or a blown head gasket. Fixing a coolant leak as soon as possible is crucial. 69. Since fluids in your BMW do not get used up or go anywhere (with the exception of gasoline and windshield washer fluid) if you notice that any are low, it is likely that there is a leak somewhere. If the problem is that the heater core is leaking, the repair can take anywhere from eight to ten hours. I park in a garage and cant seem to find anything. Jun 05, 2015 · This is the most popular failure I see in the small frame turbochargers. How to Fix BMW Broken Coolant Hose BMW engine radiator hose outlet to engine block may break or crack while the engine is running causing coolant loss and engine to overheat. Keep oil full and cooling system in good working order. While i replace the turbo oil drain gasket, the oil drian line seems fine(no sign of any sludge build up). Coolant leaks can be as basic as a loose clamp and as complex as a leaking heater core. Dec 10, 2017 · IDK …I looked at several cut away diagrams of automotive turbos that are lubricated and I see no sign of a gasket. This guide is a work in progress and will be continually updated. 5dl in 150km) and there is a little bit of a wet area where the pipe between the radiator and the pump is attached. Can you say "new hose clamp" ?? So i did that but after a time leaks again. The only non standard repair was a leak in a coolant hose at the turbo which was covered by warranty and was completed in a day i would and did buy encore again. Why can these two reasons make the turbo leak? Well, it’s as simple as blocking off the oil return line on the turbocharger. It is when your coolant leaks from the coolant reservoir, generally straight through the engine and onto whatever surface you’re parked or driving on. I pulled over and identified the issue as a catastrophic coolant leak from the engine area (rear) of the vehicle. If using a ball bearing turbo though, remember to retain the fitting posted above so that you have the restrictor in place. Always check inspect the turbocharger cooling lines passing right above the alternator or you will be replacing the lines – hoses and plus the alternator as well, at  9 Mar 2010 ^^turbo coolant line? are you leaking coolant ? or oil? i know 2. That will most likely "Fix" your issue. Sep 22, 2010 · We all thought it was a coolant line to the turbo, one of the banjo fittings. I got a new one today, filled her up with coolant and drove the piss out of her and new signs of any leaking from the line. The ones on this year range of MINI's is made of plastic components, and it isn't unusual for them to start leaking in the 30-35K mile range. They told me turbo coolant feed pipe, return pipe , oil return pipe. Any owner of the BMW E46 will encounter fluid leaks. The part is found on many BMW models including the popular BMW 335i. If you feel coolant between your fingers it has a lubricity to it. Maic Salazar Diagnostics 2,768 views Jan 31, 2018 · Leaking GM Transmission Cooling line Disconnect fittings - Chevy Impala 2007 4T65E 4L80E 24236554 - Duration: 8:47. Well, yesterday I finally saw my leak as it will dripping bad out of the rubber hose line comming from the turbo. to/2Fvm7su My BMW Fanatic Amazon 2009 BMW 535i N54 E60 coolant leak on Turbo lines repair - Duration: 28:32. MINI Factory replacement Coolant Lines / Hoses for the Turbo. This 3-liter 6-cylinder engine produces more power (an extra 45 hp) and torque (an extra 80 lb-ft) than the equivalent 3-liter naturally aspirated N52 engine. 1992 - 1997 850, 850 R, 850 T5-R, 850 T5, 850 GLT I was changing my oil a few days ago and noticed this orangish/rust flow line on the turbo, car is a '14 St1, factory turbo, factory down pipe, I have an intercooler and a tune and thats about it for the bigger upgrades. Engine Coolant. It took about a cup the first 12000 miles and there is no leak. Implemented by BMW service advisor and covered by a Technical Service Bulletin. It's leaking right behind the clamp. BMW provided a summary of U. Mar 31, 2018 · Location of my coolant leak and how it was caused BMW 520D (B47 Engine) F10 F30 Coolant leak location (UK) 5 Series Misfires,Rough Running Symptoms,Injector Faults,DPF Faults,Turbo Faults Feb 25, 2018 · 2009 BMW 535i N54 E60 coolant leak on Turbo lines repair - Duration: 28:32. if the line is clogged About Cohline. When you need coolant, visit O'Reilly Auto Parts for the right coolant for your vehicle. Coolant Leaking problem of the 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo 4 Feb 19, 2018 · It took the mech a few days to diagnose what failed and allowed me to come to the shop to check it out. Jan 11, 2018 · My2014 F-150 Ecoboost is leaking coolant. Jul 02, 2019 · Coolant also has the job of lubricating the water pump. bmw turbo coolant line leak

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